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Ruth Hoff Collection

Ruth Hoff is the daughter of Jennett Hoff, who was the main organizer and teacher for the Suzuki Talent Education Association of Eau Claire from 1971…

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Fred Belay Collection

Fred Belay is a long time member of the Eau Claire Male Chorus as well as other various Chippewa Valley Choirs. His collection contains programs,…

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University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Special Collections and Archives

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These items are stored at the special collections and archives at the University of Wisconsin: Eau Claire. They are some of the few existing sources…

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Sounds of Eau Claire - Oral History Project


Oral Histories collected for the Sounds of Eau Claire project by students in the Introduction to Public History Class in Spring and Fall of 2017.

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Warren Hermodson collection

Warren Hermodson was one of the founding members of CVASING (Chippewa Valley Area Singers Involved in Neighborhood Giving), a local Eau Claire Choir.…

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Mildred Larson Collection

Mildred Larson, local resident, brought in a recorder book by past local teacher Margaret Midelfort. Larson's children were musically taught by…

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Paul Kosower Collection

Paul Kosower, an Eau Claire native, brought in his collection of his personal photographs that document his family music history and a number of…

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Robert Decker Collection

The Robert Decker Collection consists of a booklet and a guitar that relate to Robert Decker's music career. The booklet focuses on "The Sensational…

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Lucas Fischer Collection


Lucas Fischer is a local musician and artisan who made guitars under the guidance of Eau Claire's master luthier, Gordy Bischoff. These guitars are…

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Mary Spryer Collection


The Mary Spryer Collection focuses on Lyle Calvin Heck, who is Mary Spryer's late father. Lyle Calvin Heck was a part of the Johnny Mills band, a…

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Lin Strong Collection

Lin Strong is a former teacher of the Suzuki Talent Association of Eau Claire. The Suzuki Association is a coalition of teachers, parents, educators,…

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Charles Ivey Collection

The Charles Ivey collection consists of an oral history and pictures of a brass mouthpiece of a trumpet or bugle that was found during an excavation…

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Cindy Schlosser Collection

The Cindy Schlosser Collection consists of images, artifacts, and an oral report on her relationship to music. In her oral history, Cindy notes how in…

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Larry Barr Collection


Larry Barr is originally from Greenwood, Wisconsin and later moved to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to start running a bar business. The first bar he built…

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Andrea Christopherson Collection

Andrea Christopherson is a local fiddle musician, mainly performing in Cadott, Wisconsin. Christopherson has a history of performing with various…

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Tiit Raid Collection

The Tiit Raid collection consists of cassettes, newspapers articles, and posters from Raid's band, that started in 1984. His band, RSSP, stands for…

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Rae Schilling-Smets Collection

Rae Schilling-Smet brought in several newspaper articles that celebrate Eau Claire's Music School. Her husband founded this school in 2010 and her son…

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George McLeod Collection


George McLeod brought in artifacts and articles concerning CVASING, or Chippewa Valley Area Singers Involved in Neighborhood Giving. CVASING is a…

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Julie Hatfield Collection

The Julie Hatfield Collection consists of photos, scrapbooks, programs and various band memorabilia from Julie Hatfield's time with the Menomonie High…

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Kristine Ruckman Collection

The Kristine Ruckman Collection focuses on the Valley Gospel Choir. The Valley Gospel Choir began in 1992 and was requested by Larry Barr to perform…

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Mary Mero Collection


The Mary Mero Collection focuses on the Valley Gospel Choir. The Valley Gospel Choir began in 1992 and was requested by Larry Barr to perform on the…

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Linda Christ Collection


The Linda Christ Collection focuses on the Valley Gospel Choir. The Valley Gospel Choir began in 1992 and was requested by Larry Barr to perform on…

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Andy Muenich Collection

The Andy Muenich Collection focuses on Muenich's band called the River City Ramblers. This five-piece band is a traditional Bluegrass band that…

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Betty Hanson Collection

Betty Hanson also known as “Twink” is originally from Rhinelander before moving to the Eau Claire area. She shares her memories of her son's tribute…

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