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Larry Barr is originally from Greenwood, Wisconsin and later moved to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to start running a bar business. The first bar he built was called “The Barr” and later on in his career he created the bar “Shenanigans.” “Shenanigans” was the first bar on Water Street created from scratch when the age majority went through in 1972. Every year, Shenanigans would host a St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween party. In 1974, “Shenanigans” became the first disco in Wisconsin and the bar would host a disco dance contest annually. Around this, Barr created the first traveling disco in the United States called SAMM (Sound Around the Music Machine) in 1977. Along with this, Barr created “Fanny Hill” which was his first restaurant in 1974. He would hold Christmas, New Years, and Halloween parties every year for his employees. He also held the “Fanny Hill Car Show” from 1988-1989. He later built the restaurant “Hooligans” which originally had a dance floor with a jukebox that would play 1960s and 1970s music.

Barr also organized “Shake Rattle and Roll,” which was the first music festival in Eau Claire. The festival began in 1987 and lasted until 1993. He also organized the festival “Country Jam” and is currently a producer for “Country Jam” and other festivals. Barr organized these festivals at the same time he was running all of his bars. Larry Barr’s collection consists of scrapbooks and photos.


Larry Barr


April 16, 2018




Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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