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Ruth Hoff is the daughter of Jennett Hoff, who was the main organizer and teacher for the Suzuki Talent Education Association of Eau Claire from 1971 until 1988. Ruth wanted to showcase the role that her mother had in the Suzuki program in Eau Claire. The Suzuki method of teaching was invented by Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki. He realized the implications of the fact that children would learn to speak their native language with ease and began to apply the basic principles of language acquisition to the learning of music, and called his method the mother-tongue approach. The ideas of parent responsibility, loving encouragement, constant repetition, etc., are some of the special features of the Suzuki approach. Suzuki believed in training musicians not only to be better musicians but also to be better teachers. Suzuki Associations worldwide offer ongoing teacher-training programs to prospective and continuing Suzuki teachers. Jennett Hoff was one the teachers associated with the worldwide program and was located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. According to her daughter Ruth, she was an active and dynamic teacher who was able to teach children of many ages the Suzuki method.


Ruth Hoff


June 25, 2018




Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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