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Defining "Traditions"

What are traditions? Are they familial? Cultural? Military? Who is maintaining these traditions through the generations?

Eau Claire Comes Together

Eau Claire is musical community. This rurally urban city prides itself in a variety of collaborative musical ensembles which provide outlets for the community to engage with music in an intimate way. While many musical groups are backed by institutions such as universities, these groups are made up of and thrive on community participation. Through the collaborative nature of Eau Claire, the abundance of choirs, and the plethora of music festivals, Eau Claire has made music a focal point of the city.

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Music Education

Wisconsin grew alongside the common school movement, leading to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s beginnings as the Eau Claire State Normal School, a teachers’ college. Their K-12 common schools were a way to create a virtuous republican citizen through civic, moral, and religious teaching, arguably desirable by the political elite. Today, many music professionals and educators in the Chippewa Valley Region were trained in Eau Claire, and go on to influence their students or private learners. Family will always be an educator of music, especially in cultural traditions like folk music or as a motivator for higher education.

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National Sounds, Local Music

Eau Claire, Wisconsin is a city full of unique experiences, especially when it comes to music...

Recently labelled the Music Capital of the North, Eau Claire seems to be experiencing a music renaissance, but that’s simply not true. The city has quite a history with all genres of music. This exhibit will take you through a few of these genres, touching on national trends and local experiences through objects received during the Sounds of Eau Claire History Harvests. Genres ranging from Rock n’ Roll, to Pop and Folk, to Blues, and Punk all made their mark in Eau Claire and still do.

Night on the Town

From logging camps, dance halls, choirs, bars and the local street performers, there has always been an identity in Eau Claire surrounding its music scene.  This identity never has been properly defined because it is so fluid to the people in and around the Chippewa Valley.  What makes the music scene around the Chippewa Valley is the spaces in which people take in and experience music.  There has always been a variety of places to have an experience and this new awakening of music is no exception.  Similar to the large music hubs like Chicago,  New Orleans, and Nashville they all have spaces and venues that help define their musical culture.  While  Eau Claire is no different in this concept being the mid-way point between big cities allows for Eau Claire to gain an added layer in its music culture.  Not only do they have the local venues but they have the big name artists making a stop to engage with the public and the unique music venues that the Chippewa Valley has to offer.

Tales of the Valley

History is often thought of as undeniable fact. A sentiment that is expressed in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by the character Professor Binns: "My subject is History of Magic. I deal with facts, not myths and legends. We will return, if you please, to history, to solid, believable, verifiable fact!”

The reality is historians cannot 100% verify something to be true, as professor Binns insinuates. As history is reliant on people’s memory, details can be easily misremembered or forgotten and therefore is more fluid and debatable. We can know that something happened, for example, a car accident. Nevertheless, we do not know how it happened, we must rely on people. Historians can make the story more reliable by finding multiple perspectives on the story. As, the person in the car is going to remember it differently than a witness from the street or another car. Together, those voices make a fuller story. Perspectives not only verify other people’s accounts but they add details that complete the story. However, perspectives don’t always work in such unison. Over the years, memories can morph and fade until they are in conflict with one another and both people are certain that they are correct. In those cases we may never know exactly what happened but we can still be fascinated by the stories.

The stories in this exhibit are some of the most intriguing stories that we have collected so far, told by the storyteller! Let’s explore these stories and their perspectives!